Sprinkler Repairs

You just found out you have a broken sprinkler head and water is gushing on to your lawn, now what? Call the Experts at WaterTech Irrigation. We are knowledgeable about sprinkler installation & sprinkler repairs since 2012. Whether you are dealing with clogged or broken nozzles, broken sprinkler heads or valves, sprinkler controller issues, poor spray patterns or any other issue we can fix the problem. Don’t wait! Contact us today to learn more about our sprinkler repair services.

Lawn Sprinkler Inspection

If your lawn’s appearance isn’t quite what you expected with a watering system your sprinkler system may not be operating at its full potential. Pinpointing issue can be difficult for a homeowner. Sprinkler systems have multiple zones, underground lines and multiple sprinkler heads in various locations, so knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Your entire sprinkler system needs to be operating in sync in order for it to be most effective. This includes your system controller, moisture sensors, backflow preventer and shut-off valve. One failed component can lead to larger issues or damage to your system, home or yard.

WaterTech Irrigation recommends that sprinkler systems be inspected at least twice a year by a licensed professional. If we find any issues during your sprinkler system inspection we will provide specific recommendations for repair or replacement. Benefits of bi-annual inspection include less water waste, healthier lawn and garden and a longer lifespan of your sprinkler system.

Contact WaterTech Irrigation for your entire sprinkler system inspection today!

Repair Services Include

  • Complete Sprinkler System Checkup

  • Identify and Repair Coverage Problems

  • Replace Broken Sprinklers or Nozzles

  • Reprogram Controller and Watering Program

  • Raise or Lower Sprinklers

  • Add or Cap Sprinkler Heads

  • Replace or Repair Shut-off Valve to Sprinkler System
  • Fix Broken Sprinkler Fittings and Pipes
  • Repair Broken Wires and Solenoids

  • Repair or Add Drip Irrigation
  • Add Zone(s) to Existing Systems

  • Identify and Repair Leaks

  • Repair or Replace Controller

  • Repair or Replace Electric Valves

  • Replace or Fix Backflow Preventer
  • Identify and Repair Low Pressure Situations

Some of Our Work

WaterTech Irrigation specializes in sprinkler system installs and repairs, but we also offer other services. Does your yard properly drain when it rains? We can install drainage solutions to protect your home. We take pride in our landscaping and landscape lighting services. Check out some of our recent projects in the gallery.

Client Testimonials

My backyard was flooding and holding water so I called Julio and he hooked up to my existing French drain and I have no more problems now. He was very professional, punctual, was there when he said he would be there. His work was done in a timely manner and after the job was completed he cleaned up everything. Julio even cleaned out my gutter that was clogged up with leaves. I would highly recommend Water Tech Irrigation and Julio.

– Mary Jo Gibson

Excellent service. Julio arrived on time, fixed all issues with my sprinkler system. Honest, affordable, great work and he took the time to explain issues, fixed all leaks and sprinklers are working a charm! I am extremely pleased with his work and already recommended to my yard guy and friends. Trust me u will not regreat doing business with Julio.

– Sandra Solalinde

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